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Gear Heads - Boots, Hiking

While I’ve seen a few insane people out hiking in flip flops, a pair of good sturdy waterproof hiking boots is a must. They should have adequate ankle support and must be thoroughly broken in before you begin your trek. Breaking in time varies depending upon its stiffness. We recommend wearing them at least five times for an hour or more. In addition, wear your boots for a two-hour hike on varied terrain. When purchasing your boots always try them on at the end of day, as your feet swell. What fits comfortably early in the day, may not by evening’s calling. Also, make sure you walk up and down an incline to test the fit on the toe box and heel cup.

For men we recommend these boots from REI . In fact, these are the boots I wear.

For women we recommend these boot from REI. In fact, my wife wears these boots.

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