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Gear Heads - Insect Repellent

Nature almost always attracts the bugs, at least for part of your trek. In many situations these insects won’t just annoy you, but they will carry disease. Therefore, a good insect repellent is vital. Usually the most effective is some form of DEET™-based product. However, I am always concerned with using a strong chemical on my body, especially when hand washing is limited. I tend to buy a local natural repellent once I get to the trekking location. After all, the locals should know best. Often this works fine, but if it doesn’t, I am not proud and I carry a DEET™-based product as a backup. A word of caution, though, you don’t want your insect repellent to come into contact with the rest of your equipment. I always store it inside two Zip Lock™ bags.

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