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Gear Heads - Poles, Hiking

Walking with the assistance of hiking poles reduces the stress on your knees and body. While some people resist using them, we find them invaluable. A sturdy pair of poles can also be a life saver. We’ve both fallen on our butts numerous times while completing the Great Treks. Without hiking poles, we would have fallen many more times. Get a pair and avoid injury. They come in many varieties, including very light weight carbon fiber poles. Some have shock absorbers, although the combination of carbon fiber and shock absorbers didn’t prove to be dependable. Try out a few varieties and select a pair that doesn’t feel too heavy in your grip or wallet. Pay careful attention to how the poles adjust in size. You’ll want a pair that has a sturdy lock, but one that is easy to open and close, because you’ll adjust them more than you think. On the trail many elongate their poles on the way down and shorten them on the way up.

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