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Just as with film cameras, there is a great variety of camera choices when selecting a digital camera. Observe a wide range of camera selections below.

Various digital cameras

While any list of cameras I select to discuss will quickly become obsolete, the basic families of digital cameras should remain fairly stable. I usually group cameras into three broad categories: Medium format, DSLRs, 4/3rds and point and shoots. As a trekker the choice is hard. Financially, digital medium format cameras are out of reach for most trekkers. So the choice becomes between the remaining options. For most trekkers, a DSLR probably makes the most sense. Sure they weight more than 4/3rd and point and shoot cameras, but their image quality is usually superior. There are quite a number of options with Canon and Nikon leading the way. If you can afford a professional grade camera in addition to the improved able to capture the perfect image, the improved weather sealing will pay huge dividends on the trail. In contrast, point and shoots are very light, but also light on picture quality. They were fine for a snapshot in ideal lighting conditions and while they have improved in recent years they still suffer badly under the often harsh, contrasting lighting conditions of the mountains. The final option is a 4/3rds camera. These save on weight, especially with their lenses, by using a smaller sensor. I've personally only used them a few times, but found their quality to be nowhere close to my 1Ds Mark III. Yes I am spoiled, but when you travel to the greatest treks in the world I can't see cutting corners on my camera gear.

For an up to date list of the latest cameras and reviews, check out http://www.dpreview.com, it is the single best source for up to date digital camera information on the web.