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Everest/Gokyo Ri Trek, Khumbu Valley

Gokyo, Everest, NepalMysterious and Exotic, Nepal holds prime position in the imagination of every mountain lover and trekker in the world. It is home to the bulk of the Himalaya and of course Mt. Everest, planet Earth’s highest peak. In fact, of the world’s 14 highest peaks, 8 are in Nepal. It is also the birthplace of Buddha and home of the famed porters and mountain climbing Sherpa. This mixture of mountains and ancient culture make Nepal a magical land of superlatives and an absolute delight for trekkers..

Himalaya means Abode of the Snows and of course the main purpose of any self respecting pilgrimage to Nepal is to reach out to the Himalaya. To touch a piece of these wild and jagged abodes. To feel their power. And of course, to walk among the high peaks and deep valleys. To trek. And Nepal is perhaps one of best places in the world to do just that. Considering that 80% of the villages of Nepal are not connected to roads, walking is the way everybody and everything (carried by porters) gets around. So as a result trekking is just natural here.

Gokyo Lake, Everest, NepalThe trek to Gokyo Ri is less travelled than the more traditional Everest Base Camp Trek, but offers similar views and more solitiude along the trail.

The first few days of the Gokyo Ri trek are the same as those of the Everest Base Camp Trek. Most trekkers fly into the Lukla airport where the trail winds through pine forests before a steep climb to Namche Bazaar and a more alpine type environment. Shortly after Namche, you veer off from the path to Tengboche and head through the villages of Dole, Machhermo, and eventually Gokyo.

The summit push from Gokyo is quiet pleasant when compared to the long day up Kala Patar. The views are equally stunning, although Mount Everest does take a little bit of a back seat to the expansive views of the valley as seen from Gokyo Ri.



Days Trekking:9-12 days
Distance: 92km 57mi roundtrip
Maximum Elelvation: 5350 meters, 17,550ft - Gokyo Ri
Starting Elevation: 2,800 meters, 9,200ft
Approximate Elevation Change: 2,550 meters, 8,350 ft one way
Price Range Independent: $300-700
Price Range Outfitter: $1200 - 3,500
Challenge Level: Difficult



  • Full-on daily Himalayan spectacular
  • Tantalizing views of Mt. Everest - the highest mountain on Earth
  • View of the Gokyo Lakes from Gokyo Ri.
  • Sunday Market in Namche Bazaar
  • Possibility to combine with Kala Patar and Everest Base Camp via Cho Lo Pass


When to Go

The prime trekking seasons in Nepal are fall and Spring. Fall in Nepal is October to early December and the Spring season runs from mid February to mid April. Fall offers clearer skies and more crowds on the trails. Spring presents a greater possibility for dusty or hazier skies Spring also gives you a chance to see the spectacular Rhododendrun Trees in bloom.


Guided vs Independent Treks

Nepal is perhaps the birthplace of the independent tea house trek. In the “old days” before guided treks, travelers ventured forth into the mountains going from village to village and staying at the same little tea-houses where locals stopped for a night rest and a cup of tea on their own journeys to and from their homes in the mountains. more...



The Himalayan range crests across northern Nepal sharing the border with Tibet. The Solu Khumbu Region which is home to Mt. Everest is 200 kilometers east of the Nepali capital of Khatmandu. Lukla is at the meeting point of the Himalayan foothills and the Himalayn Range. The trail winds north towards the village of Gokyo and then up to the Summit of Gokyo Ri. Everest itself saddles the Border between Nepal and Tibet.

Gokyo Ri Map
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Gokyo Elevation Map
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Access / Local Information

Kathmandu is the gateway for most Himalayan Treks. The Du is an easy flight from Bangkok, a little longer from Hong Kong and a puddle jump from New Delhi, India. You can also cross in to Nepal by land from India. more..


Day to Day Account - Jeff Salvage - Revisiting Everest

Four years ago a friend invited me to join her on a trek to Everest Base Camp. It started a spree of trekking trips around the world. After returning home from my first trip, my neighbor enthusiastically expressed interest in visiting Everest as well. Since I was headed back to trek the classic Annapurna Circuit, I agreed to go two weeks early and trek Gokyo Ri, a lesser travelled route to classic views of Mount Everest. Here’s my story from Gokyo Ri.