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Haute Route - Hiking From Le Chable – Cabine Du Mont Fort

The early morning rain had stopped, so we hit the trail. Again, we quickly got confused trying to navigate our way out of the village. Once beyond the town limits, our directional challenges did not improve. To make matters worse, evil, ominous-looking clouds appeared, as did a cold, wet, miserable rain.

Haute Route, Le Chable – Cabine Du Mont Fort

We climbed a trail that was a series of agonizing switchbacks. Now, if we could see the views it probably would not have been so bad. However, we saw just clouds. Eventually in the distance we could see a cabin. Hopefully it was our cabin. As we approached, it played peek-a-boo, coming in and out of view. Each time we saw it, the cabin appeared closer and closer. When we were almost there, the clouds parted and the cabin shined like a beacon. True to form, once we arrived the clouds and rain returned. Safely inside the warm cabin, we didn’t mind quite as much.

Haute Route, Le Chable – Cabine Du Mont Fort

The story continues...