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Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland - Day by Day Account

My position with Joints in Motion as their National Trekking Trainer allowed my wife Jennifer and I to complete a long on the list trek along Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar Trek. Trekking with Joints in Motion is a different affair than going with my wife or friends. No blazing along the trail at our own pace, instead we trek at the pace of our generous participants that rased a lot of money for Arthritis in exchange for participating in the trek.

We met the team in Reykjavik and quickly packed up to start our adventure. Unlike, porter-based treks, this trek was supported by trucks. A blessing and a curse this allowed each participant to bring 40 lbs of gear in addition to whatever they carried in their day pack.

Equipment - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland
A partial view of our "stuff." A lot more was in the bus' cargo bins.

We had a quick pits top for lunch and for some a quick nap.

Pre Trek Nap - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

Our guide Jon Gauti knew it was a good time for a last taste of civilization.

Pre Trek Treat - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

After a few hour bus ride we pit stopped for a day hike to a crater. It was a great warm up and let us evaluate who we would need to watch over on the hikes. We hiked for about 5km with a 100m vertical ascent and descent.

Pre Trek Crater Trek - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

Pre Trek Crater Hike - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

Prek Trek Crater Hike - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

After our hike, we drove to the softest campsite ever. Thick mossy grass, not properly shown in this photo, was the most comfortable surface to set a tent up on that I have ever experienced. Most participants shared a tent and unlike other hikes everyone had to set up their own tents. We brought out own from home, but the tents provided were exceptional. The only consideration you may want to make is that if you have your own you get your own tent every night. If you use a tent provided by the company then you get a different tent every night. What's the issue? Well, if it rains, then you get someone else's wet tent that may not be kept as clean as your own.

Setting up Camp - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

Setting up Camp - Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

After an incredible dinner of ocean catfish at least a few of our participants demonstrated that they used the 40 lb limit wisely. They brought their own wine store. :) In Denise's defense, her luggage was lost so she didn't have 40lbs of gear. Why not tank up with the grape for fun evenings?

Nightime Festivities -Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

The story continues...