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Laugavegur Trek IcelandLaugavegur/Landmannalaugar Trek, Iceland

Been there done that? Not likely something you would say about a trek to Iceland's most popular trail the Laugavegur or as it is sometimes known the Landmannalaugar Trek. A comfortable walk in good weather, there is minimal altitude gain along a pristine trail that doesn't walk you back in time, but through the ever changing landscape of a primal soup of volcanic activity. Our guides pointed out landscapes that weren't there when they started hiking the trial. It's all "under construction" with the signs of change in bubbling thermal streams, sulfur laden ponds leaching from the ground, and numerous overdue volcanos littering the landscape.



Days Trekking: 4 days (We took 6 by adding a side trips)
Distance: 55 km, 34.2 mi
Max Elevation: 1,059 meters, 3,474 ft
Starting Elevation: 520 meters, 1,706 ft
Approximate Elevation Change: 539 meters, 1,768 ft
Price Range Independent: $50/night in the huts, trival fees for campers
Price Range Outfitter:~$1150
Challenge Level: Easy



  • Immersion in up close geothermal activity
  • Pristine, young, primal landscape
  • Easy, low-altitude trekking experience


When to Go

June through mid September.


Guided vs Independent Treks

It is fairly easy to independently hike the Laugavegur Trail and you have two options. You can carry a tent or stay in the huts. The campsites are relatively flat and have flush toilets and pay showers. The huts cost $50 per person per night and are a great alternative to setting up your tent in the rain.

However, there is so much to learn about the geology and the cooking and food provided is outstanding. So if you can afford it, hire a guide/cook/support crew. We traveled with Icelandic Mountain Guides and they were superb.


Map of the Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar Trek Map
Click to Enlarge


Elevation Map of the Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar Trek

Elevation Map Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar
Click to Enlarge


Downloadable Garmin GPS Map for the Laugavegur / Landmannalaugar Trek. For personal use only. Not for redistribution without expressed written consent.


Access / Local Information

Fly into Reykjavik and then it is a short bus ride to the start of the trail. Note that non-four wheel drive cars cannot access the highlands. Don't try it.



To be added shortly


Day to Day Account - Jeff Salvage - Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar Trek, Peru

My position with Joints in Motion as their National Trekking Trainer allowed my wife Jennifer and I to complete a long on the list trek along Laugavegur/Landmannalaugar Trek. Trekking with Joints in Motion is a different affair than going with my wife or friends. No blazing along the trail at our own pace, instead we trek at the pace of our generous participants that rased a lot of money for Arthritis in exchange for participating in the trek. The story continues...