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Trekking should be a fun. The goal should never be to race to each destination. Aside from increasing the likelihood you won’t make it, you’ll miss many great sites and experiences along the way.

Finding a comfortable pace is key. If you follow our training schedules, you should have discovered a comfortable pace in which you can walk for many hours while maintaining a pleasant conversation. To consistently walk faster than is comfortable decreases the likelihood of a successful trek.

Aside from the distress of the increased in exertion, there is a more important reason to take it easy. When you breathe hard, your heart rate rises. The higher your heart rate, the more carbohydrates your body burns. Accessible carbohydrates within the body are in short supply, why waste them? A better source of fuel for trekkers is the body’s fat reserves and we would love to get rid of that. When the heart rate is lower, these are utilized as a greater percentage of your body’s energy source and conserves the carbohydrates for the steep climbs.